Hi, My Name is Relentless Rex

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And I'm a GameDev T-Rex working on a real video game about my life as an insatiable, rage-fueled devastator. But enough about me, let's talk about my game, which also happens to be about me...

Need More of a Tease First?

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(Naughty human.) It's ok, I understand—it's a big commitment to click on a link these days :-) Anywho, here's the sales pitch— If RAYMAN made sweet, sweet love with RAMPAGE, and nine months later their baby was raised by BIT.TRIP RUNNER (the family butler), that creation would be named RELENTLESS REX: THE VIDEO GAME! It's a hand-drawn, fast-paced, action-adventure platformer in which you help an assortment of characters explore and race through dangerous locations, using your environment, special power-ups/weapons, and the help of others to try (in vain) and escape my bloodthirsty jaws. But just when you think you're safe...
Now I've got you hooked, right?

Just Gimme the Goods !!!

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Great, I love a human that knows what it wants! I'm coming to Kickstarter in April and your support is "strongly encouraged" (remember I'm a T-Rex that knows who you are now). Sign up for my REX-mail list at info@RelentlessRex.com, and I'll let you know when the campaign launches... And what the heck, I'll even send you an HD Relentless Rex wallpaper for your trouble. In the meantime, make sure to warn all your friends there's a T-Rex roaming their neighborhood, looking to pick off sleep-deprived, slow-reacting gamers. Oh, and since I've been stalking you while you sleep, you may as well stalk me back on Twitter!